Looking for a safe pair of hands to direct a video for business, education or charity?

MSdialog. A series of short dramas about a young woman with multiple sclerosis. Designed to prompt discussion at an international medical conference, these films were produced by Emotive for Merck Serono. As well as directing, I was responsible writing and casting.

Visitor Experience & Employee Experience. Produced by Tech TV for Johnson Controls, two films promoting the client's property management services. I was responsible for directing filming.

Living with GI. A film about the side-effects of kidney transplantation. Produced by Emotive for Novartis. Director, writer, second camera & editor.

Employee training programme. An internal communication featuring a presentation and best-practice scenarios. I sourced the cast and crew and directed the live-action filming. Produced by Emotive for Novo Nordisk.

Mark Insoll director    mail@markinsoll.com    07772 048511

Freelance video director, producer/director, writer/director, director/editor. corporate video, educational video, charity video. Guildford, Surrey, London, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex.